Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

This option controls the operation of the main and sub-command dials.
• Reverse rotation: Reverse the direction of rotation of the 
command dials when they are used to make adjustments to 
Exposure compensation and/or Shutter speed/aperture
Highlight options and press the multi selector right to select 
or deselect, then highlight Done and press 
J. This setting 
also applies to the command dials for the MB-D14.
• Change main/sub: If Off is selected, the main command dial 
controls shutter speed and the sub-command dial controls 
aperture. Select On (Mode A) to use the main command dial 
to select aperture in shooting mode AOn to use the main 
command dial to select aperture in modes A and M and the 
sub-command dial to select shutter speed in modes S and M
This setting also applies to the command dials for the MB-D14.
• Aperture setting: If Sub-command dial is selected, aperture can only be adjusted 
with the sub-command dial (or with the main command dial if On is selected for 
Change main/sub). If Aperture ring is selected, aperture can only be adjusted 
with the lens aperture ring and the camera aperture display will show aperture in 
increments of 1 EV (aperture for type G lenses is still set using the sub-command 
dial). Note that regardless of the setting chosen, the aperture ring must be used to 
adjust aperture when a non-CPU lens is attached.
• Menus and playback: If Off is selected, the multi selector is used to choose the picture 
displayed during full-frame playback, highlight thumbnails, and navigate menus. 
If On or On (image review excluded) is selected, the main command dial can be 
used to choose the picture displayed during full-frame playback, move the cursor 
left or right during thumbnail playback, and move the menu highlight bar up or 
down. The sub-command dial is used to display additional photo information in 
full-frame playback and to move the cursor up or down during thumbnail 
playback. Select On (image review excluded) to prevent the command dials from 
being used for playback during image review. While menus are displayed, rotating 
the sub-command dial right displays the sub-menu for the selected option, while 
rotating it left displays the previous menu. To make a selection, press 
2 or J.
f5: Customize Command Dials
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu