Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

Selecting Yes allows adjustments that are normally made by holding the 
E,  M (Y), 
W (S), X (T), L (U), AF-mode, Z (Q), or D button and rotating a 
command dial to be made by rotating the command dial after the button is released 
(this also applies to the Fn and depth-of-field preview buttons if they have been 
assigned Active D-Lighting using Custom Setting f2, Assign Fn button, or Custom 
Setting f3, Assign preview button). Setting ends when any of the affected buttons 
is pressed again or the shutter-release button is pressed halfway. Except when No 
 is selected for Custom Setting c2 Standby timer, setting will also end when the 
standby timer expires.
Selecting Enable release allows the shutter to be released when no memory card is 
inserted, although no pictures will be recorded (they will however be displayed in the 
monitor in demo mode). If Release locked is selected, the shutter-release button is 
only enabled when a memory card is inserted in the camera.
W) is selected, the exposure indicators in the control panel, 
viewfinder, and information display are displayed with negative values on the left 
and positive values on the right. Select  
V) to display positive 
values on the left and negative values on the right.
f6: Release Button to Use Dial
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu
f7: Slot Empty Release Lock
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu
f8: Reverse Indicators
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu