Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

Add copyright information to new photographs as they are taken. Copyright 
information is included in the shooting data shown in the photo information display 
0 182) and can be viewed as metadata in ViewNX 2 (supplied) or in Capture NX 2 
(available separately
• Done: Save changes and return to the setup menu.
• Artist: Enter a photographer name as described on page 135. Photographer 
names can be up to 36 characters long.
• Copyright: Enter the name of the copyright holder as described on page 135. 
Copyright holder names can be up to 54 characters long.
• Attach copyright information: Select this option to attach 
copyright information to all subsequent photographs. 
Attach copyright information can be turned on and off by 
highlighting it and pressing 
Copyright Information
G button
➜ B setup menu
Copyright Information
To prevent unauthorized use of the artist or copyright holder names, make sure that Attach 
copyright information
 is not selected and that the Artist and Copyright fields are blank 
before lending or transferring the camera to another person. Nikon does not accept liability 
for any damages or disputes arising from the use of the Copyright information option.