Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

Other Accessories
At the time of writing, the following accessories were available for the D600.
• Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL15 (
0 21, 23): Additional EN-EL15 batteries are 
available from local retailers and Nikon-authorized service representatives.
• Battery Charger MH-25 (
0 21): Recharge EN-EL15 batteries.
• Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D14: The MB-D14 is equipped with a shutter-release 
A AE/AF lock button, multi selector, and main- and sub-command 
dials for improved operation when taking photographs in portrait (tall) 
orientation. When attaching the MB-D14, remove the camera MB-D14 contact 
• Power Connector EP-5B, AC Adapter EH-5b: These accessories can be used to power 
the camera for extended periods (EH-5a and EH-5 AC adapters can also be 
used). The EP-5B is required to connect the camera to the EH-5b; see page 299 
for details. Note that when the camera is used with an MB-D14, the EP-5B must 
be inserted into the MB-D14, not the camera. Do not attempt to use the 
camera with power connectors inserted into both the camera and MB-D14.
• Filters intended for special-effects photography may interfere with autofocus 
or the electronic rangefinder.
• The D600 can not be used with linear polarizing filters. Use C-PL or C-PL II 
circular polarizing filters instead.
• Use NC filters to protect the lens.
• To prevent ghosting, use of a filter is not recommended when the subject is 
framed against a bright light, or when a bright light source is in the frame.
• Center-weighted metering is recommended with filters with exposure factors 
(filter factors) over 1 × (Y44, Y48, Y52, O56, R60, X0, X1, C-PL, ND2S, ND4, ND4S, 
ND8, ND8S, ND400, A2, A12, B2, B8, B12). See the filter manual for details.
• DK-20C Eyepiece Correction Lenses: Lenses are available with diopters of –5, –4, –3, 
–2, 0, +0.5, +1, +2, and +3 m
 when the camera diopter adjustment control is 
in the neutral position (–1 m
). Use eyepiece correction lenses only if the 
desired focus can not be achieved with the built in diopter adjustment control 
(–3 to +1 m
). Test eyepiece correction lenses before purchase to ensure that 
the desired focus can be achieved. The rubber eyecup can not be used with 
eyepiece correction lenses.
• Magnifying Eyepiece DK-21M: The DK-21M magnifies the view through the 
viewfinder by approximately 1.17 × (50 mm f/1.4 lens at infinity; –1.0 m
) for 
greater precision when framing.
• Magnifier DG-2: The DG-2 magnifies the scene displayed in the center of the 
viewfinder for greater precision during focusing. Eyepiece adapter required 
(available separately).
• Eyepiece Adapter DK-22: The DK-22 is used when attaching the DG-2 magnifier.
• Right-Angle Viewing Attachment DR-6: The DR-6 attaches at a right angle to the 
viewfinder eyepiece, allowing the image in the viewfinder to be viewed at 
right angles to the lens (for example, from directly above when the camera is