Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

Retouching Photographs
How do I create retouched copies of photos?
How do I remove “red-eye”?
How do I make JPEG copies of RAW (NEF) photos?
Can I overlay two NEF (RAW) photos to make a single image?
Can I create a copy of a photo that looks like a painting?
Can I trim movie footage on the camera or save movie stills?
Menus and Settings
How do I use the menus?
How do I display menus in another language?
How do I use the command dials?
How do I keep the displays from turning off?
How do I focus the viewfinder?
Can I display a framing grid in the viewfinder or the monitor?
How do I tell if the camera is level?
How do I set the camera clock?
How do I format memory cards?
How do I restore default settings?
How do I get help for a menu or message?
How do I copy photos to a computer?
How do I print photos?
Can I print the date of recording on my photos?
Maintenance and Optional Accessories
What memory cards can I use?
What lenses can I use?
What optional flash units (Speedlights) can I use?
What other accessories are available for my camera?
What software is available for my camera?
What do I do with the supplied eyepiece cap?
How do I clean the camera?
Where should I take my camera for servicing and repairs?