Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

If the camera is connected to an HDMI device (
0 204), the 
view through the lens will appear both in the camera monitor 
and on the HDMI device. The indicators that appear in the 
HDMI device during movie recording are shown at right. The 
camera monitor does not show the sound level or virtual 
horizon;  indicators in the monitor and on the HDMI device 
can not be hidden or displayed using the 
R button. To use 
live view when the camera is connected to an HDMI-CEC device, select Off for HDMI > 
Device control in the setup menu (
Remote Cords
If Record movies is selected for Custom Setting g4 (Assign shutter button
0 248), the 
shutter-release buttons on optional MC-DC2 remote cords (
0 298) can be used to start 
movie live view and to start and end movie recording.
Recording Movies
Flicker, banding, or distortion may be visible in the monitor and in the final movie under 
fluorescent, mercury vapor, or sodium lamps or if the camera is panned horizontally or an 
object moves at high speed through frame (for information on reducing flicker and banding, 
see Flicker reduction
0 252). Jagged edges, color fringing, moiré, and bright spots may 
also appear. Bright bands may appear in some areas of the frame with flashing signs and 
other intermittent light sources or if the subject is briefly illuminated by a strobe or other 
bright, momentary light source. When recording movies, avoid pointing the camera at the 
sun or other strong light sources. Failure to observe this precaution could result in damage 
to the camera’s internal circuitry. Note that noise (randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog, or 
lines) and unexpected colors may appear if you zoom in on the view through the lens (
during movie live view.
Flash lighting can not be used during movie live view.
Recording ends automatically if the lens is removed, the mode dial is rotated, or a remote 
control release mode is selected.
Live view may end automatically to prevent damage to the camera’s internal circuits; exit live 
view when the camera is not in use. Note that the temperature of the camera’s internal 
circuits may rise and noise (bright spots, randomly-spaced bright pixels, or fog) may be 
displayed in the following instances (the camera may also become noticeably warm, but this 
does not indicate a malfunction):
• The ambient temperature is high
• The camera has been used for extended periods in live view or to record movies
• The camera has been used in continuous release mode for extended periods
If live view does not start when you press the 
a button, wait for the internal circuits to cool 
and then try again.