Konica Minolta llo Zoom User Manual (en)

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Printed in China
Thank you for purchasing this Minolta camera. Before using your new camera, please
take the time to read through this instruction manual. It contains important information on
the proper use and care of the camera.
Lens* (Lens barrel)
Viewfinder window*
AF windows*
Meter window*
reduction lamp*
Strap eyelet
Tripod socket
Date button
(Quartz-date model only)
Shutter-release button
Zoom lever
Manual-rewind button
Battery-chamber door
Film window
Main switch
Data panel
Flash-mode/Select button
Self-timer/Adjust button
Flash-mode indicators
Date/time display (Quartz-date model only)
Self-timer indicator
Cartridge mark
Film-transport signals
Frame counter
Focus frame
Close-framing guides
©2002 Minolta Co., Ltd. under the Berne Convention and 
Universal Copyright Convention
Read and understand all warnings and cautions before using this
Using batteries improperly can cause them to leak harmful solutions,
overheat, or explode which may damage property or cause personal
injury. Do not ignore the following warnings.
• Only use the batteries specified in this instruction manual.
• Do not install the batteries with the polarity (+/–) reversed.
• Do not use batteries which show wear or damage.
• Do not expose batteries to fire, high temperatures, water, or
• Do not attempt to recharge, short, or disassemble batteries.
• Do not store batteries near or in metallic products.
• Do not use leaking batteries. If fluid from the batteries enters your
eye, immediately rinse the eye with plenty of fresh water and
contact a doctor. If fluid from the batteries makes contact with your
skin or clothing, wash the area thoroughly with water.
• Tape over battery contacts to avoid short-circuiting during disposal;
always follow local regulations for battery disposal.
• Do not disassemble this product. Electric shock may cause injury if
a high voltage circuit inside the product is touched.
• Immediately remove the batteries and discontinue use if the
camera is dropped or subjected to an impact in which the interior,
especially the flash unit, is exposed. The flash has a high voltage
circuit which may cause an electric shock resulting in injury. The
continued use of a damaged product or part may cause injuries. 
• Keep batteries or small parts that could be swallowed away from
infants. Contact a doctor immediately if an object is swallowed.
• Store this product out of reach of children. Be careful when around
children not to harm them with the product or parts.
• Do not fire the flash directly into the eyes. It may damage eyesight.
• Do not fire the flash at vehicle operators. It may cause a distraction
or temporary blindness which may lead to an accident.
• Do not look directly at the sun or strong light sources through the
viewfinder. It may damage your eyesight or cause blindness.
• Do not expose this product to liquids or operate this product with
wet hands. If liquid enters the product, immediately remove the
batteries and discontinue use. The continued use of a product
exposed to liquids may cause damage or injury through fire or
electric shock.
• Do not use the product near inflammable gases or liquids such as
gasoline, benzine, or paint thinner. Do not use inflammable
products such as alcohol, benzine, or paint thinner to clean the
product. The use of inflammable cleaners and solvents may cause
an explosion or fire.
• If the product emits a strange odor, heat, or smoke, discontinue
use. Immediately remove the batteries taking care not to burn
yourself as batteries become hot with use. The continued use of a
damaged product or part may cause injuries.
• Take the product to a Minolta Service Facility when repairs are
• Do not use or store the product in a hot or humid environment such
as the glove compartment or trunk of a car. It may damage the
product and batteries which may result in burns or injuries caused
by heat, fire, explosion, or leaking battery fluid.
• If batteries are leaking, discontinue use of the product.
• The lens retracts when the camera is turned off or the auto-power-
off function is activated. Touching the lens barrel while it is
retracting may cause injury.
• Do not fire the flash while it is in contact with people or objects. The
flash unit discharges a large amount of energy which may cause
*Keep these surfaces clean. Please read the care and storage section in this manual.
Indicator lamp
Back cover
Attach the strap as shown. 
The button key is included on the
strap. The key is used to push the
manual-rewind button.
All icons have been shown for clarity.
Glows steadily: Focus locked and flash 
Blinks quickly: Subject is too close.
Blinks slowly: Camera-shake warning
Indicator lamp
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