Konica Minolta X21 User Manual (en)

Full-battery indicator - the battery is fully charged. This is displayed
when the camera is on.
Low-battery warning - battery power is very low. The batteries must
be replaced soon. The LCD monitor will turn off when the flash is
charging. This warning automatically appears and remains on the
monitor until the batteries are replaced. If the power level falls below
this level when the camera is on, the battery-exhausted message
will appear just before the camera shuts down.
To conserve battery power, the camera will shut down if an operation is not made within
three minutes. To restore power, press the main switch. The length of the auto-power-off
period can be changed in section 2 of the setup menu (p. 85). When the camera is
connected to a computer, the auto-power-off period is set to ten minutes and cannot be
This camera is equipped with an automatic battery-condition indicator displayed on the
LCD monitor. The indicator will change from white to red when battery power is low.
Low-battery indicator - the battery power is low. The batteries should
be replaced as soon as possible. This is displayed when the camera
is turned on. 
If power is insufficient for camera operation, LCD monitor will be blank and the shutter
will not release. Change the batteries.