Konica Minolta X21 User Manual (en)

Move the controller left and right to select the
item to be changed. 
Press the controller to set the clock and
Move the controller up and down to adjust the
For customers in certain areas, the menu language must also be set. Highlight the lan-
guage option in section 1 of the setup menu (p.78). Push the controller right to display the
language settings. Move the controller up or down to select the desired language. Press the
controller to set the language; the setup menu will be displayed in the selected language.
Camera notes
The date/time setting screen appears. Set the date and
time using the controller on the back of the camera.
Date and time can also be set in section 3 of the setup menu. See page 78 on how
to open the setup menu.
:move :sel.
Date/Time set