Konica Minolta X21 User Manual (en)

This camera is equipped with a unique 4.8 - 14.4mm zoom lens. This is equivalent to a
37 to 111mm lens on a 35mm camera. The lens is operated by the controller at the back
of the camera. While zooming, the zoom scale is displayed on the LCD monitor. 
To  zoom in on the subject,
move the controller up (T).
To  zoom out, move the
controller down (W).
The digital-zoom function can
increase the power of the lens.
The digital zoom is activated in
section 2 of the advanced
recording menu (p. 57).
The zoom lens not only affects how large the subject is in the picture, but it also influences the depth
of field and perspective. Depth of field is the area between the closest object in focus and the fur-
thest object in focus. As the lens zooms in to the telephoto position, the depth of field becomes shal-
lower, separating the subject from the background. Many portraits are taken with telephoto lenses.
Zooming the lens out to the wide-angle position makes both the foreground and background appear
sharper. Usually landscape photographs take advantage of the large depth of field of wide-angle
lenses. Wide-angle lenses also create a strong perspective which gives a sense of depth in the
image. Telephoto lenses compress the space between the subject and background and create a
weak perspective.
Shooting tips
Zoom position