Konica Minolta X21 User Manual (en)

The digital zoom is activated in section 2 of the advanced recording menu (p. 52). The
digital zoom increases the magnification of the greatest telephoto setting of the optical
zoom by up to 4X in multiple steps. When the digital zoom is activated, the zoom scale
includes both the optical and digital zoom range. Although the images recorded with the
digital zoom are interpolated to the set image-quality size, the quality of the images may
not be equal to images taken without the digital zoom; the greater the power of the digital
zoom the lower the image quality.
At the maximum telephoto position,
move the controller up to engage the
digital zoom. The zoom magnification
will be displayed.
To zoom out, move the controller down.
When the digital zoom is active, the
focus frame changes size.
Zoom position
Digital zoom range
Optical zoom range