Konica Minolta X21 User Manual (en)

When the this-frame or all-frames setting is chosen, a screen will appear requesting the
number of copies of each image; a maximum of nine copies can be ordered. Move the
controller up and down to set the required number of copies. If the all-frames setting was
used to create a print order, any additional images recorded afterwards will not be
included in the order. 
DPOF files created with another camera will be canceled. After the pictures have been
printed, the DPOF file will still remain on the memory card and must be canceled
To create a DPOF file for the displayed or highlighted image.
To chose a group of images to be printed or when the number of copies of
each image varies. When selected, the frame selection screen will appear.
Move the controller left and right to highlight an image to be printed. Moving
the controller up will mark the image with the print indicator. The number
next to the indicator shows the number of copies that will be printed. Moving
the controller up will increase the number of copies, moving the controller
down will decrease the number. A maximum of nine copies can be ordered.
To deselect an image for printing, move the controller down until the number
of copies reaches zero and the print indicator disappears. Continue until all
the images to be printed are marked. Press the controller to create the
DPOF file, or press the menu button to cancel the operation.
To create a DPOF file for all images on the memory card.
To delete the DPOF file. 
DPOF print order for single, multiple, or all files on the memory card can be created in
the advanced playback menu (p. 65). The print menu option has four settings:
Creating print order for multiple images