Konica Minolta X21 User Manual (en)

Copied to 101KM_EM
When the image to be converted to an e-mail file is
selected, the copy routine will begin and a screen will
appear indicating the name of the folder containing the
copied images; press the controller to return to the menu.
The same folder is used to store e-mail copies until the
number of images exceed 9,999.
E-mail Copy makes a standard 640 X 480 (VGA) or 160 X 120 JPEG
copy of a still image displayed or highlighted on the monitor. These copy
images can be easily transmitted by e-mail. E-mail Copies are saved to
the original card. E-mail Copies can be made in the main menu of the
playback mode (p. 64)
Select the E-mail icon on the main menu. 
Select the image size of the copy. Two sizes are
available: 640 X 480 (VGA) or 160 X 120. The copy-
unsuccessful message will appear if the image
could not be copied.
When the E-mail Copy function is used, a folder is created for the files (p. 94); copy folder
name ends in EM. Copies of locked images are unlocked. DPOF information is not
E-mail copy