Konica Minolta X21 User Manual (en)

Move the controller left and right to
display the image to be printed.
The number of prints in the print run are displayed as well
as the print parameters selected with the menu. See the
menu navigation section in the page 100 for more
information. Press the controller to begin printing, or press
the menu button to return to the PictBridge screen.
Repeat the previous steps until all the
images to be printed are selected. Press
the controller to continue. If the number
of images exceeds 50, “Limit:50 images. Reselect images to
print.” message appears. Reduce the number of images.
Move the controller up to select the
number of copies to be printed. A
maximum of twenty copies can be
selected. To deselect an image for
printing, move the controller down until
the number of copies reaches zero.
Once printing begins, the operation can be canceled by
pressing the controller. The printing finished message
indicates the end of the operation; turn the camera off to
end the routine.
Number of prints in the print run.
Connect the camera to the printer using the camera’s USB cable. The
larger plug on the cable is connected to the printer. Slide open the USB-
port cover and insert the smaller plug of the cable into the camera. Turn
the camera on. The PictBridge screen will be displayed. For other printing
options, see the menu navigation section.
No. of prints
Paper size
Data print
:  7
Print quality
:Printer setup
:Printer setup
:Printer setup
:Printer setup
Printing finished.
Number of copies of
the displayed image.