Kodak C143 User Manual (en)

Transferring, printing pictures
Download software, transferring pictures
Download KODAK Software—so it’s easy to transfer and share pictures and videos. 
IMPORTANT: To use the camera’s social networking features, you must download KODAK 
Make sure the computer is connected to the Internet. When you connect the camera 
to the computer, the KODAK Software Downloader automatically runs. Follow the 
prompts to download and install KODAK Software.*
Turn off the camera.
Use the KODAK Camera USB Cable, Micro B / 5-Pin 
to connect the camera to the computer. (Use only 
the cable included with this camera!)
Turn on the camera.
After the software is installed, follow the prompts 
to transfer pictures and videos to your computer.
* If the downloader does not run, find it here and 
launch it:
WINDOWS OS: in My Computer
MAC OS: on your Desktop
NOTE:  You can also use a card reader to transfer your pictures/videos.
Download KODAK Software later 
Get Software help