Kodak Z81612 User Manual (en)

Taking pictures/videos
Reviewing the picture/video just taken
After you take a picture/video, the LCD displays a quickview for several seconds. (To 
dismiss the quickview sooner, press the Shutter button halfway.)
To review pictures/videos anytime, se
Using the framing marks to take pictures
Framing marks indicate the camera focus area. The camera attempts to focus on 
foreground subjects, even if they’re not centered in the scene. 
Press the Shutter button halfway.
When the subject is in focus, the framing marks turn green. If the camera is not 
focusing on the desired subject (or if the framing marks disappear), release the Shutter 
button and recompose the scene.
Press the Shutter button completely down to take the picture.
NOTE:  Framing marks do not appear in some SCN (scene) and Video modes. When you use AF Zone and 
set Center Zone, the framing marks are fixed at Center Wide.
The picture is saved 
unless you press 
the Delete button.
Play a video