Kodak Z81612 User Manual (en)

Taking pictures/videos
Taking panoramic pictures
Use panorama to “stitch” up to 3 pictures into a panoramic scene.
Place the camera on a tripod or flat surface. Turn the Mode dial to Panorama 
 to highlight Panorama Left-Right or Panorama Right-Left (depending 
on the direction you want to pan), then press the OK button.
Take the first picture.
After a quickview, the LCD displays the liveview and an “overlay” from the first picture.
Compose the second picture. Make the overlay from the first picture cover the 
same portion in the new picture. (You can press the Delete button to delete all 
pictures and re-take them.) 
If you are taking only 2 pictures, press the OK button to stitch them together. 
After you take 3 pictures, the pictures are automatically stitched together.
NOTE:  Individual pictures are not saved, even if panorama capture is cancelled before stitching occurs. 
(Picture size is set to 4.8 MP for each picture. Exposure Compensation, White Balance, Exposure 
Metering, AF Zone, AF Control, Color Mode, and Sharpness are set with the first picture. The flash is 
set to Off.) You can use the self-timer (2- and 10-second delays) while taking panoramic pictures. 
Take 2 or 3 pictures.
Get 1 panoramic picture.