Kodak Z81612 User Manual (en)

Working with pictures/videos
Viewing pictures/videos in different ways
Viewing as thumbnails (multi-up)
Press the Review button.
Press the Zoom Wide Angle (W) button to change from single-picture view to 
multi-up thumbnails.
Press Telephoto (T) to return to single-picture view.
To select multiple pictures/videos, see 
Press the Review button to exit Review.
Searching pictures by date, favorites, or other tag
If you have many pictures on your camera or card, you can sort them so that only 
some are visible at a time. You can sort by the date a picture was taken or—if you’ve 
tagged pictures with a favorites tag or a tag that you created—you can sort by tag.
Press the Review button, then the Menu button. 
to highlight Search, then press OK.
 to highlight the Date, Favorite, or Tag tab, then 
to select a folder. 
to highlight a folder, then press OK. (If you chose a Month/Year folder, 
press OK to see the Day folders.) When you are finished choosing tabs and folders, 
highlight Exit and press OK. 
To see the results of your search, highlight Save, then press OK.
Pictures are displayed in multi-up view. Press 
 to view them. Press the Telephoto 
(T) button to view the picture full-screen. Press the Wide Angle (W) button to return to 
multi-up view.
Press the Review button to exit Review. (The search is discarded.)
For more about tags, see 
To select multiple pictures/videos, see