Kodak Z81612 User Manual (en)

Doing more with your camera
Using the Menu button to change settings
NOTE:  Some settings remain until you change them; others remain until you turn off the camera. 
Press the Menu button.
 to highlight a menu tab:
Capture for the most common picture-taking settings.
Capture + for other picture-taking settings. Available only in PASM and 
Panorama modes.
Setup for other camera settings. 
 to highlight a setting, then press the OK button.
Choose an option, then press the OK button.
NOTE:  Press the Info button
for information about camera settings and options. Some capture modes 
offer limited settings.
Press Menu, 
and OK to access settings
Capture Options
Picture Size
Choose a picture resolution.
8.0 MP (4:3)—Highest resolution, largest file size
7.1 MP (3:2)—For EasyShare printer docks, photo printers
6.0 MP (16:9)—HDTV format
5.0 MP (4:3)—Medium resolution and file size
3.1 MP (4:3)—Smaller resolution and file size 
2.2 MP (3:2)—For EasyShare printer docks, photo printers
2.1 MP (16:9)—HDTV format
1.2 MP (4:3)—For emailing, Internet, or conserving space