Kodak Z81612 User Manual (en)

Doing more with your camera
Changing P, A, S, or M mode settings
PASM modes control the aperture (f-number, also known as f-stop), shutter speed, 
exposure compensation, flash compensation, and ISO. Use the Menu button to 
control all other settings.
Turn the Mode dial to P, A, S, or M.
to access available settings:
Aperture—(also known as f-stop) control the size of the lens opening, which 
determines the depth of field. 
Smaller f-stop numbers indicate a larger lens opening; good for low-light.
Larger f-stop numbers indicate a smaller lens opening; keeps the main subject 
sharp; good for landscapes and well-lit conditions.
Shutter speed—control how long the shutter stays open. A shaking hand icon 
warns of slow shutter speeds. (Use a tripod for slow shutter speeds.)
Exposure Compensation—adjust the exposure. If the picture is too light, decrease 
the setting; if it’s too dark, increase the setting.
Flash Compensation—adjust flash brightness.
ISO—adjust the camera’s sensitivity to light. Higher ISO indicates greater sensitivity. 
NOTE:  A higher ISO may produce unwanted “noise” in a picture. ISO 3200 available only in 2.2 and lower 
picture sizes.
ISO speed
Shutter speed 
Exposure compensation
Flash compensation