Kodak Z81612 User Manual (en)

Doing more with your camera
Using exposure compensation to adjust brightness
In P and Panorama modes, you can adjust exposure compensation before you take a 
picture to make your pictures darker or lighter. Only the first picture in Panorama 
mode can be adjusted—that adjustment is applied to the remaining pictures.
to decrease exposure compensation.
to increase exposure compensation.
An exposure compensation level is shown on the LCD and the image gets darker or lighter.
Take the picture when you are satisfied with the exposure compensation level.
Using exposure compensation with exposure bracketing
In PASM modes, you can use exposure compensation in conjunction with exposure 
bracketing to get the best exposure. 
Using the histogram to view picture brightness
Use the histogram to evaluate the distribution of light before or after you take a 
picture. Optimal exposure is achieved when the peak is in the middle of the 
histogram. The flash may affect a picture’s light and shadow. To turn on the histogram 
in Capture mode or in Review, press the Info 
button until the histogram appears. 
If the exposure 
compensation is 
set to:
And if the exposure bracketing 
interval is set to 0.3 steps:
Then the 
taken are:
Set the Exposure bracketing in the Setup menu.
–0.3, 0.0, +0.3
+0.7, +1.0, +1.3
–1.3, –1.0, –0.7
Dark picture
Balanced picture
Bright picture