Kodak Z81612 User Manual (en)

Doing more with your camera
Tagging pictures/videos for emailing
First—on your computer
Use the on-screen keyboard to create an email address.
Second—tag pictures/videos on your camera
Press the Share button. Press 
 to find a picture/video. 
 to highlight Email, then press the OK button.
 to highlight an email address, then press the OK button.
To tag other pictures/videos with the same address, press 
 to scroll through 
them. When the picture you want is displayed, press the OK button.
To send the pictures/videos to more than one address, repeat step 3.
Selected addresses are checked.
To remove a selection, highlight a checked address and press the OK button. To 
remove all email selections, highlight Clear All.
 to highlight Exit, then press the OK button. 
The Email icon 
 appears in the status area.
Press the Share button to exit the menu.
NOTE:  To add an email address, use the Add Email menu choice. Then use the on-camera keyboard.
Third—transfer and email
When you transfer the tagged pictures/videos to your computer, EasyShare software 
prompts you to send the pictures/videos. For details, see Help in EasyShare software.