Kodak Z81612 User Manual (en)

For step-by-step product support, visit 
 and select 
Interactive Troubleshooting & Repairs.
Camera problems
Try one or more of the following
Camera does not 
turn on.
Install new batteries (
Charge rechargeable batteries.
Camera does not 
turn off.
Remove the battery, then reinsert or replace it. If the camera still does 
not function, visit 
 and select 
Interactive Troubleshooting & Repairs.
Flash is not open.
If the camera is on but the flash is closed, move the On/Off button to 
On again. After your turn off the camera, close the flash.
Pictures remaining 
number does not 
decrease after 
taking a picture.
The camera is operating normally. Continue taking pictures.
Stored pictures are 
Retake pictures. Do not insert or remove card while the camera is on. 
Keep rechargeable batteries charged.
Transfer the pictures to the computer (
), then format the 
card or internal memory (
Caution: Formatting a card deletes all pictures and videos, 
including protected files.
In Review mode, 
you do not see a 
picture (or the 
expected picture) 
on the LCD screen.
Check the image storage location setting (
When taking pictures, make sure that the Shutter button is pressed 
completely down.
 and select 
Interactive Troubleshooting and Repairs.