Kodak Z81612 User Manual (en)

Storage capacities
The LCD displays the number of pictures (or minutes/seconds of video) remaining. For 
average SD card capacities, visit 
. Actual storage 
capacity varies depending on subject composition, card size, and other factors. You 
may be able to store more or fewer pictures and videos. Favorites take up additional 
space in internal memory.
Upgrading your software and firmware
Download the latest versions of the software included on the Kodak EasyShare 
software CD and the camera firmware (the software that runs on the camera). See 
Important safety instructions
Do not disassemble this product; there are no user-serviceable 
parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Kodak 
AC adapters and battery chargers are intended for indoor use 
only. The use of controls, adjustments, or procedures other than 
those specified herein may result in exposure to shock and/or 
electrical or mechanical hazards. If the LCD breaks, do not touch 
the glass or liquid. Contact Kodak customer support.
The use of an accessory that is not recommended by Kodak may cause fire, electric 
shock, or injury. For approved accessories, visit 
Use only a USB-certified computer equipped with a current-limiting motherboard. 
Contact your computer manufacturer if you have questions.
If using this product in an airplane, observe all instructions of the airline.
When removing the battery, allow it to cool; it may be hot.
Follow all warnings and instructions supplied by the battery manufacturer.