Kodak C15 User Manual (en)

Taking pictures/videos
Using the self-timer
Use the self-timer when you want to be included in a picture, or to ensure a steady 
Shutter button press. For best results, place the camera on a tripod or steady surface. 
Use the mirror on the camera front to help compose portraits. You can turn on the 
self-timer using a shortcut (
) or these steps:
Press the Menu 
 button. Press 
to choose Self-timer, then press OK.
to choose a Self-timer setting:
2 Seconds—
 A picture is taken after a 2-second delay.
10 Seconds—
 A picture is taken after a 10-second delay.
2 Picture Timer—
 The first picture is taken after a 10-second delay. A 
second picture is taken 8 seconds later.
Compose the scene. Press the Shutter button completely down.
The camera takes the picture/pictures after the delay.
Using burst
Use the burst feature to take up to 3 pictures in rapid succession. You can turn on 
burst using a shortcut (
) or these steps:
Press the Menu 
Press to 
Self-timer/Burst, then press 
 to choose Burst On. 
Press the Menu 
Compose the scene. Press the Shutter button completely down and hold it.
The camera stops taking pictures when you release the Shutter button, when pictures 
are taken, or when there is no more storage space. Burst is unavailable in some modes.