Kodak C15 User Manual (en)

Sharing and tagging pictures
Choose which social networking sites to display on your camera
You can show/hide social networking sites on your camera so that only your favorite 
sites appear.
Press the Menu 
 to choose the Setup tab, then 
 to choose Share Button Settings, 
then press OK.
 to choose a social networking site, then press 
 to choose Show or 
Hide. Repeat this step until you have chosen Show/Hide for each social network.
When finished, press 
 to choose Done, then press OK.
To return to picture-taking mode, press the Menu button. When you are in Review and 
press the Share button, only chosen sites are shown.
Manage email addresses and KODAK PULSE Digital Frames
You can add, edit, or delete email addresses and KODAK PULSE Digital Frames on 
your camera.
Press the Share button. Press 
 to choose Manage Email Addresses (or 
Manage Frames), then press OK. 
To add an email address or frame, press 
 to choose Add Email or Add Frame, 
then press OK. Use the on-screen keyboard to make the addition. 
(Example: JohnDoe@domain.com) Add a familiar, unique nickname.
To edit an email address or a KODAK PULSE Digital Frame, press 
 to choose 
the address’s nickname or the frame, then press OK. Use the on-screen keyboard 
to make edits. 
To delete an email address or frame, choose Delete Email or Delete Frame, then 
press OK. Press 
 to choose the address or frames, then press OK so that a 
check mark appears. Press 
 to choose Delete, then press OK.
When finished, press 
 to choose Done, then press OK.
To return to picture-taking mode, press the Menu button.