Kodak C1530 User Manual (en)

Reviewing and editing
Adding a date stamp
You can add a stamp—showing the date/time that a picture was taken—to a picture.
NOTE:  You can also turn on this feature so that a stamp is applied to all future pictures (
Press the Review 
button, then 
 to find a picture. 
Press the Menu 
 button, then 
 to choose the Edit tab. 
Choose Date Stamp, then press OK.
The date/time is added to the picture. 
To return to picture-taking mode, press the Shutter button halfway down.
Editing videos
Trimming a video
You can remove the start or end from a video, saving only the desired portion.
Press the Review 
button, then 
 to find a 
Press the Menu 
 button, then 
 to choose the 
Edit tab. Choose Trim, then press OK.
 to choose the Play icon, then press OK. 
When the desired first frame is displayed, press OK 
to pause the video. Press 
 to choose the Trim 
icon, then press OK. 
Repeat this step to choose the last frame.
The video is trimmed. (You can save it as a new video 
or replace the original.)
To return to picture-taking mode, press the Shutter button halfway down.
Trimmed video