Kodak C1530 User Manual (en)

Doing more with your camera
White Balance
Choose your lighting 
condition. (Available only in 
Program and Panorama 
Auto—Automatically corrects white balance. Ideal for general 
picture taking.
Daylight—For pictures in natural lighting.
Tungsten—Corrects the orange cast of incandescent light 
bulbs. Ideal for indoor pictures under tungsten or halogen 
lighting without flash.
Fluorescent—Corrects the green cast of fluorescent lighting. 
Ideal for indoor pictures under fluorescent lighting without 
Open Shade—For pictures in shade in natural lighting.
Focus Mode
Choose a focus distance.
Auto—For general picture-taking.
Macro—For sharpness and detail in pictures at close range. 
Use available light instead of flash, if possible. The camera 
automatically sets the focus distance depending on the zoom 
Infinity—For distant subjects; auto-focus framing marks are 
Focus/Exposure Zone
Choose how the camera 
assesses the scene for 
exposure and focus.
Face Priority—If faces are detected, they receive 
focus/exposure priority. (If faces are not detected, the camera 
switches to Multi-Zone.)
Multi-Zone—Evaluates 5 zones to give an even picture 
focus. Ideal for general picture taking.
Center-Zone—Evaluates the small area centered in the lens. 
Ideal for focusing on a precise area.
AF Control (Still)
Choose an auto-focus setting.
Continuous AF—Because the camera is always focusing 
during liveview, there is no need to press the Shutter button 
halfway down to focus.
Single AF—Focuses when the Shutter button is pressed 
halfway down. (This setting uses less battery power.)
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