Kodak C1530 User Manual (en)

Remove the battery when the product is stored for an extended period of time. In 
the unlikely event that battery fluid leaks inside the product, contact Kodak 
customer support.
In the unlikely event that battery fluid leaks onto your skin, wash immediately with 
water and contact your local health provider. For additional health-related 
information, contact your local Kodak customer support.
Go to 
 for information about the presence of substances 
included on the candidate list according to article 59(1) of Regulation (EC) No. 
1907/2006 (REACH). 
Dispose of batteries according to local and national regulations. Go to 
Do not charge non-rechargeable batteries.
For more information on batteries, go to 
Battery replacement, battery life
KODAK MAX Alkaline Battery, AA: 220 pictures
KODAK Ni-MH Rechargeable Digital Camera Batteries AA: 400–500 pictures per 
Battery life per CIPA testing method. (Approx. number of pictures in Smart Capture 
mode.) Actual life may vary based on usage.
Extending battery life
Use power-saving features, such as LCD Brightness (
Dirt on the battery contacts can affect battery life. Wipe the contacts with a clean, 
dry cloth before loading the battery in the camera.
Battery performance is reduced at temperatures below 41
F (5
C). When using 
your camera in cold weather, carry spare batteries and keep them warm. Do not 
discard cold batteries that do not work; when they return to room temperature, 
they may be usable.