Kodak CD44 User Manual (en)

Taking pictures/videos
Taking pictures
To get clear, focused pictures:
The camera turns on in Smart Capture mode. 
(If it’s in a different mode, press the Mode 
button, then 
 until the LCD displays 
Smart Capture mode 
, then press OK.)
Compose the picture.
Press the Shutter button halfway to focus and 
set exposure. When the framing marks turn green, 
press the Shutter button completely down.
Using the framing marks
Framing marks indicate the camera focus area. 
Press the Shutter button halfway.
If the camera is not focusing on the desired subject, 
release the Shutter button and recompose the scene.
Press the Shutter button completely down to 
take the picture.
NOTE:  Multiple framing marks may appear when faces are detected.
NOTE:  Your camera offers a built-in Help system. 
Framing marks