Kodak CD44 User Manual (en)

Sharing and tagging pictures
Tagging pictures
Tag pictures to make them easy to find, later. You can tag pictures in 2 ways:
People, and then find all pictures of “Mary.”
Keywords, and then find all pictures from “Dad’s 60th Birthday.”
Tagging people
When you tag faces, you’re helping your camera to recognize people by name. Then it 
matches names and faces in pictures you’ve taken—and those you take in the future!
Press the Review 
button, then 
 to find a picture that contains faces.
Press the Menu 
 button. Press 
 to choose Tag People, then press OK.
 to choose Apply Tags, then press OK. 
 to choose an existing name, or New Name to add a new one (see 
), then press OK.
If more than one face is detected, a name or question mark is assigned to each detected 
face. To resolve an incorrect name or a question mark, press 
 to select a face, 
then press OK.
If prompted to Update People Tags, press 
 to choose Yes, then press OK.
Other pictures are scanned and updated with the name(s) you applied here. 
 to add names to other pictures. When finished, press 
 to choose 
Done, then press OK. To return to picture-taking mode, press the Shutter button 
halfway down.
Tip: Are faces not always detected? 
If a face is turned sideways, is too distant, or if the contrast between face and 
background is insufficient, then the camera might not detect the face.