Kodak CD44 User Manual (en)

Reviewing and editing
Viewing pictures/videos in different ways
Magnifying a picture
Turn the Zoom lever toward Telephoto (T) to 
magnify 1X–8X.
 to view other parts of a picture.
Press OK to return to 1X.
Viewing as thumbnails (multi-up)
Press the Review 
The camera shows the last picture that was taken.
Turn the Zoom lever toward Wide Angle (W) to view pictures/videos as thumbnails. 
(Turn it again to see more, smaller thumbnails.) 
To view all pictures/videos, choose the All tab. 
To sort by favorites, date, or tagged pictures/videos, press 
 and choose the 
appropriate tab.
To see a single picture/video, press 
 to choose it. Then turn the Zoom 
lever toward Telephoto (T).
To select multiple pictures/videos, see 
Press the Review button to exit Review.