Kodak CD44 User Manual (en)

Doing more with your camera
Exposure Compensation
Make a picture lighter or 
darker. (Available in Program 
mode.) To access this feature 
with a shortcut, see 
See Specifications, starting on 
ISO Speed
Control the sensitivity of the 
camera to light.
Auto—For general picture taking.
For manual settings, see Specifications, starting on 
Long Time Exposure
Choose how long the shutter 
stays open (normally in 
low-light conditions). For best 
results, place the camera on a 
tripod or steady surface.
0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0, 8.0 seconds
Color Mode
Choose color tones.
Unavailable in Video and 
Smart Capture modes.
Vivid Color—For increased saturation and exaggerated 
Full Color—For rich, balanced color.
Basic Color—For accurate color.
Black & White—For black and white.
Sepia—For a reddish-brown, antique look.
White Balance
Choose your lighting 
condition. (Available only in 
Program mode.)
Auto—Automatically corrects white balance. Ideal for general 
picture taking.
Daylight—For pictures in natural lighting.
Tungsten—Corrects the orange cast of incandescent light 
bulbs. Ideal for indoor pictures under tungsten or halogen 
lighting without flash.
Fluorescent—Corrects the green cast of fluorescent lighting. 
Ideal for indoor pictures under fluorescent lighting without 
Open Shade—For pictures in shade in natural lighting.
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