Kodak CD44 User Manual (en)

Doing more with your camera
Using the Setup menu
Use Setup to customize other camera settings.
NOTE:  Your camera offers a built-in Help system. 
More information
Date & Time
Set date and time.
Auto Time Setting
Date and time are set when camera is connected 
to a computer.
Preset Keyword Tag
Create keywords and assign them to 
pictures/videos. See 
New Keyword
Delete Keyword
Camera Sounds
Choose sound effects for individual 
Focus Lock: On/Off
Shutter: On/Off
Self-timer: On/Off
Error: On/Off
Power On: On/Off
LCD Brightness
Choose LCD brightness during 
picture/video capture. (During Review, the 
LCD is set to High Power.)
Auto—LCD brightness is automatically adjusted 
according to environment.
High Power—Brighter LCD; uses more battery 
Power Save—Dimmer LCD; uses less power.
Share Button Settings
Choose what is displayed when the Share 
button is pressed in Review.
Show or hide:
Individual social networking sites
E-mail addresses (all or none)
KODAK Digital Frames (all or none)