Kodak CD44 User Manual (en)

Limited warranty
Kodak warrants its digital cameras and accessories (excluding batteries) to be free 
from malfunctions and defects in both materials and workmanship for the warranty 
period specified on your KODAK Product packaging. Retain the original dated sales 
receipt. Proof of purchase date is required with any request for warranty repair. 
Limited warranty coverage
Warranty service is only available from within the country where the Products were 
originally purchased. You may be required to ship Products, at your expense, to the 
authorized service facility for the country where the Products were purchased. Kodak 
will repair or replace Products if they fail to function properly during the warranty 
period, subject to any conditions and/or limitations stated herein. Warranty service 
will include all labor as well as any necessary adjustments and/or replacement parts. If 
Kodak is unable to repair or replace a Product, Kodak will, at its option, refund the 
purchase price paid for the Product provided the Product has been returned to Kodak 
along with proof of the purchase price paid. Repair, replacement, or refund of the 
purchase price are the sole remedies under the warranty. If replacement parts are 
used in making repairs, those parts may be remanufactured, or may contain 
remanufactured materials. If it is necessary to replace the entire Product, it may be 
replaced with a remanufactured Product. Remanufactured Products, parts and 
materials are warranted for the remaining warranty term of the original Product, or 90 
days after the date of repair or replacement, whichever is longer.
This warranty does not cover circumstances beyond Kodak's control. This warranty 
does not apply when failure is due to shipping damage, accident, alteration, 
modification, unauthorized service, misuse, abuse, use with incompatible accessories 
or attachments (such as third party ink or ink tanks), failure to follow Kodak's 
operation, maintenance or repacking instructions, failure to use items supplied by 
Kodak (such as adapters and cables), or claims made after the duration of this 
warranty. Kodak makes no other express or implied warranty for this product. In the 
event that the exclusion of any implied warranty is ineffective under the law, the 
duration of the implied warranty will be the length of the express warranty period