Kodak CX6230 User Manual (en)

Chapter 12
Picture Naming Conventions
Pictures are named 100_nnnn.JPG, and are numbered in the order in 
which they are taken. The first picture is named 100_0001.JPG; the highest 
number allowed is 100_9999.JPG.
When a card contains a picture named 100_9999.JPG in the 
\DCIM\100K6230 folder, subsequent pictures appear in a new folder 
(\DCIM\101K6230), beginning with picture 101_0001.JPG.
Even if you transfer pictures to the computer or delete pictures from the 
camera, the camera continues to use consecutive numbers for all 
subsequent pictures. For example, if the last picture taken was 
100_0007.JPG and you delete it, the next picture you take is named 
When you insert a different card into your camera, the next picture number 
is defined by incrementing the higher of the last picture taken by the 
camera, or the highest existing picture number in the folder.
If you use the card in a camera other than the Kodak EasyShare CX6230 
zoom digital camera, and that camera manufacturer adheres to this file 
structure standard, the \DCIM folder contains a folder named by that 
camera. For more information, refer to the documentation that 
accompanied that camera.
Power-Saving Features
If No 
Activity For 
The Camera
To Turn It Back On
1 minute
screen turns off.
Press the OK button.
8 minutes
enters auto power off.
Press any button (or insert or 
remove a card).
3 hours
turns off. 
Turn Mode dial Off, then 
back on.