Kodak CX6230 User Manual (en)

Chapter 1
Extending Battery Life
Limit the following activities that quickly deplete battery power:
– Reviewing your pictures on the camera screen (see 
– Using Liveview (see 
– Using Quickview (see 
– Excessive use of the flash
Purchase an optional Kodak 3-volt AC adapter to power your camera (see 
Purchase an optional Kodak EasyShare camera dock 6000 (see 
The camera dock 6000 powers your camera, transfers pictures, and is also 
a battery charger for its included Kodak EasyShare Ni-MH rechargeable 
battery pack.
Purchase an optional Kodak EasyShare printer dock 6000 (see 
The printer dock 6000 powers your camera, makes 4 x 6 prints with or 
without a computer, transfers pictures, and is also a battery charger for its 
included Kodak EasyShare Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack.
Dirt on the battery contacts can affect battery life. Wipe the contacts with a 
clean, dry cloth before loading batteries in the camera.
Battery performance is reduced at temperatures below 41
F (5
Carry spare batteries when using your camera in cold weather, and keep 
them warm. Do not discard cold batteries that do not work; when they 
return to room temperature, they may be usable. 
Battery Safety and Handling
Do not allow batteries to touch metal objects, including coins. Otherwise, a 
battery may short circuit, discharge energy, become hot, or leak.