Kodak CX6230 User Manual (en)

Chapter 2
Picture-Taking Modes
Use this mode
General picture-taking. Automatically sets exposure, 
focus, and flash.
Night scenes or low-light conditions. Place the camera 
on a flat, steady surface or use a tripod. Due to slow 
shutter speeds, advise people to stay still for a few 
seconds after flash fires.
 Landscape Distant subjects. Flash does not fire unless you set it 
Close subjects 4-24 in. (10-60 cm) from the lens in 
Wide Angle; 8-24 in. (20-60 cm) in Telephoto. Use 
available light instead of flash if possible. Use the 
camera screen to frame the subject.
Capture video with sound. See 
For the best possible pictures, choose
the mode that suits your conditions.