Kodak CX6230 User Manual (en)

Chapter 9
Connecting the Camera Dock 6000
After the Kodak EasyShare software is loaded (see 
), connect the 
camera dock to your computer and to a power outlet. You need: 
The USB cable included with your camera
The AC adapter, 5-volt included with the camera dock
IMPORTANT:  Make sure your camera is NOT in the camera dock 
when you are connecting to power and the computer.
Plug the labeled 
 end of the USB cable 
into the labeled USB port on your computer.
See your computer user’s guide for details.
Plug the other end of the USB cable into the 
square USB connector on the back of the 
camera dock.
Plug the AC adapter into the round power 
connector on the back of the camera dock 
and into a power outlet.
Your AC adapter may differ from the one 
pictured or may have additional plugs. 
Use the plug that accommodates your 
type of power outlet.
IMPORTANT:  Use only the AC adapter, 5-volt included with the 
camera dock 6000. Other adapters may cause damage 
to your camera, camera dock, or AC adapter.
Leave the camera dock connected so it’s always ready to transfer pictures and