Kodak CX6230 User Manual (en)

Chapter 9
Charging the Battery
Make sure the Kodak EasyShare Ni-MH 
rechargeable battery pack is installed in the 
camera (see 
Turn off the camera and place it in the 
camera dock (see 
If the battery requires charging, charging begins after a brief battery check.
Full charging takes about 2.5 hours. 
Charging stops if you turn on the camera. If the camera is left in the camera 
dock with the power on, charging resumes when the camera enters auto 
power-off (see 
Charging is suspended during picture transfer.
Charging Lights Status
Charging Lights
Green lights
Camera is properly docked. Battery is either being 
checked or is less than half charged.
Battery is more than half charged.
Battery is fully charged.
Red light 
Battery is not properly installed (see 
Battery or connector pin is damaged.
Camera and battery have been exposed to extreme 
temperatures. Slowly return to room temperature.
No lights
Camera is not properly seated in the camera dock.
AC adapter is not connected.
Rechargeable battery is not installed (see