Kodak CX6230 User Manual (en)

Chapter 10
Shutter button 
does not work.
Camera is not turned 
Turn on the camera 
The camera is 
processing a picture; 
the ready light (near 
the viewfinder) is 
blinking red.
Wait until the ready light stops 
blinking red before attempting to 
take another picture.
The card or internal 
memory is full.
Transfer pictures to the computer 
), delete pictures from 
the camera (
), switch 
storage locations (
), or 
insert a card with available 
memory (
The Shutter button was 
not pressed.
For best pictures, see 
Part of the picture 
is missing.
(Also see Stored 
pictures are 
Something was 
blocking the lens when 
the picture was taken.
Keep hands, fingers, or other 
objects away from the lens when 
taking pictures.
Your eye or the picture 
was not centered 
correctly in the 
viewfinder or camera 
Leave space around subject when 
centering picture in viewfinder or 
camera screen.
Stored pictures 
are corrupted.
The card was removed 
or the battery expired 
while the ready light 
was blinking.
Retake picture. Do not remove 
card while the ready light is 
blinking. Keep battery charged.