Nikon 26462B User Manual (en)

ooting Fea
Using Skin Softening
When the shutter is released while using one of the shooting modes listed 
below, the camera detects human faces and processes the image to soften 
facial skin tones (up to 3 faces).
s (night portrait), Scene auto selector or Portrait scene mode (A40)
Skin softening can also be applied to saved images (
Notes About Skin Softening
• It may take more time than usual to save images after shooting.
• Under some shooting conditions, the desired skin softening results may not be 
achieved, and skin softening may be applied to areas of the image where there are 
no faces.
Subjects Not Suitable for Autofocus
The camera may not focus as expected in the following situations. In some rare 
cases, the subject may not be in focus despite the fact that the focus area or 
focus indicator glows green:
• Subject is very dark
• Objects of sharply differing brightness are included in the scene (e.g. the sun 
behind the subject makes that subject appear very dark)
• No contrast between the subject and surroundings (e.g. a portrait subject 
wearing a white shirt is standing in front of a white wall)
• Several objects are at different distances from the camera (e.g. the subject is 
inside a cage)
• Subjects with repeating patterns (window blinds, buildings with multiple 
rows of similarly shaped windows, etc.)
• Subject is moving rapidly
In the situations noted above, try pressing the shutter-release button halfway 
to refocus several times, or focus on another subject positioned at the same 
distance from the camera as the actual desired subject, and use focus lock 
The camera can also focus using manual focus (