Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

82 More on Photography
AF-S focus mode
: Focus will lock automatically when the in-focus 
indicator appears, and remain locked until you remove your 
finger from the shutter-release button. Focus can also be 
locked by pressing the 
A (L) button (see above).
Recompose the 
photograph and shoot.
Focus will remain locked 
between shots if you keep 
the shutter-release button 
pressed halfway (AF-S) or 
keep the 
A (L) button 
pressed, allowing several photographs in succession to be 
taken at the same focus setting.
Do not change the distance between the camera and the 
subject while focus lock is in effect. If the subject moves, 
focus again at the new distance.
Autoexposure Lock
Pressing the 
A (L) button in Step 2 also locks exposure (0 116).