Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

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❚❚ Flash Modes
The following flash modes are available:
No (auto): When lighting is poor or the subject is backlit, 
the flash pops up automatically when the shutter-release 
button is pressed halfway and fires as required. Not available 
o mode.
Njo (auto + red-eye reduction): Use for portraits. The 
flash pops up and fires as required, but before it fires the red-
eye reduction lamp lights to help reduce “red-eye.” Not 
available in 
o mode.
j (flash off): The flash does not fire.
Njr (auto slow sync + red-eye): As for auto with red-eye 
reduction, except that slow shutter speeds are used to 
capture background lighting. Use for portraits taken at night 
or under low light. Available in 
o mode.
Nr (auto slow sync): Slow shutter speeds are used to 
capture background lighting in shots taken at night or under 
low light. Available in 
o mode.
The Information Display
Flash mode can also be selected in the 
information display.