Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

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❚❚ Flash Modes
The following flash modes are available:
N (fill flash): The flash fires with every shot.
Nj (red-eye reduction): Use for portraits. The flash fires with 
every shot, but before it fires, the red-eye reduction lamp 
lights to help reduce “red-eye.”
Njp (slow sync + red-eye): As for “red-eye reduction”, 
above, except that shutter speed slows automatically to 
capture background lighting at night or under low light. Use 
when you want to include background lighting in portraits. 
Not available in modes S and M.
Np (slow sync): As for “fill flash”, above, except that 
shutter speed slows automatically to capture background 
lighting at night or under low light. Use when you want to 
capture both subject and background. Not available in 
modes S and M.
Nt (rear curtain + slow sync): As for “rear-curtain sync”, 
below, except that shutter speed slows automatically to 
capture background lighting at night or under low light. Use 
when you want to capture both subject and background. Not 
available in modes S and M.
Nq (rear-curtain sync): The flash fires just before the 
shutter closes, creating a stream of light behind moving light 
sources as shown below at right. Not available in modes 
 and A.
Front-curtain sync
Rear-curtain sync