Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

More on Photography
The Camera Shutter-Release Button/Other Remote Control Devices
If an ML-L3 remote release mode is selected and the shutter is released 
by any means other than an ML-L3 remote control (for example, the 
camera shutter-release button or the shutter button on an optional 
remote cord or wireless remote controller), the camera will function in 
single-frame release mode.
Exiting Remote Control Mode
Remote control mode is cancelled automatically if no photograph is 
taken before the time selected for Remote on duration (ML-L3) 
option in the setup menu (
0 247). Remote control mode will also be 
cancelled if the camera is turned off or shooting options are reset using 
Reset shooting menu.
Using the Built-in Flash
Before taking a photograph with the flash in manual pop-up modes 
0 91), press the M (Y) button to raise the flash and wait for the M 
indicator to be displayed in the viewfinder (
0 31). Shooting will be 
interrupted if the flash is raised after the shutter-release button on the 
ML-L3 is pressed. If the flash is required, the camera will only respond 
to the ML-L3 shutter-release button once the flash has charged. In 
auto pop-up modes, the flash will begin charging when a remote 
control mode is selected; once the flash is charged, it will automatically 
pop up and fire when required.
Wireless Remote Controllers
Remote control is also available with various combinations of WR-R10, 
WR-T10, and WR-1 wireless remote controllers (
shutter-release buttons on the wireless remote controllers perform the 
same functions as the camera shutter-release button. For more 
information, see the manual provided with the remote controllers.