Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

Live View
Using Autofocus in Live View
Autofocus is slower in live view and the monitor may brighten or 
darken while the camera focuses. The camera may be unable to focus 
in the situations listed below (note that the focus point may 
sometimes be displayed in green when the camera is unable to focus):
• The subject contains lines parallel to the long edge of the frame
• The subject lacks contrast
• The subject in the focus point contains areas of sharply contrasting 
brightness, or the subject is lit by spot lighting or by a neon sign or 
other light source that changes in brightness
• Flicker or banding appears under fluorescent, mercury-vapor, 
sodium-vapor, or similar lighting
• A cross (star) filter or other special filter is used
• The subject appears smaller than the focus point
• The subject is dominated by regular geometric patterns (e.g., blinds 
or a row of windows in a skyscraper)
• The subject is moving
In addition, the subject-tracking AF may be unable to track subjects if 
they move quickly, leave the frame or are obscured by other objects, 
change visibly in size, color, or brightness, or are too small, too large, 
too bright, too dark, or similar in color or brightness to the