Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

Notice Concerning Prohibition of Copying or Reproduction
Note that simply being in possession of material that has been digitally 
copied or reproduced by means of a scanner, digital camera, or other device 
may be punishable by law.
• Items prohibited by law from being copied 
or reproduced
Do not copy or reproduce paper 
money, coins, securities, government 
bonds, or local government bonds, 
even if such copies or reproductions 
are stamped “Sample.”
The copying or reproduction of 
paper money, coins, or securities 
which are circulated in a foreign 
country is prohibited.
Unless the prior permission of the 
government has been obtained, the 
copying or reproduction of unused 
postage stamps or post cards issued 
by the government is prohibited.
The copying or reproduction of 
stamps issued by the government 
and of certified documents 
stipulated by law is prohibited.
• Cautions on certain copies and 
The government has issued cautions 
on copies or reproductions of 
securities issued by private 
companies (shares, bills, checks, gift 
certificates, etc.), commuter passes, or 
coupon tickets, except when a 
minimum of necessary copies are to 
be provided for business use by a 
Also, do not copy or 
reproduce passports issued by the 
government, licenses issued by public 
agencies and private groups, ID cards, 
and tickets, such as passes and meal 
• Comply with copyright notices
The copying or reproduction of 
copyrighted creative works such as 
books, music, paintings, woodcuts, 
prints, maps, drawings, movies, and 
photographs is governed by national 
and international copyright laws.
not use this product for the purpose 
of making illegal copies or to infringe 
copyright laws.