Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

200 Playback and Deletion
Slide Show Options
Before starting a slide show, you can use the options in the slide 
show menu to select the images displayed by type or rating and 
choose how long each image is displayed.
• Image type: Choose from Still images 
and moviesStill images only
Movies only, and By rating. To 
include only pictures with selected 
ratings, highlight By rating and press 
2. A list of ratings will be displayed; 
highlight ratings and press 
2 to select 
or deselect pictures with the 
highlighted rating for inclusion in the 
slide show. Selected ratings are 
indicated by a check mark. Press 
J to 
exit when the desired ratings are 
• Frame interval: Choose how long still 
images are displayed.
• Transition effects: Choose from On (each frame is pushed 
out of the display by the following frame) and Off (no 
transition between frames).