Nikon D330018-55VR User Manual (en)

Printing Multiple Pictures
Display the PictBridge menu.
Press the 
G button in the PictBridge playback display.
Choose an option.
Highlight one of the following options and press 
• Print select: Select pictures for printing. Use the multi selector 
to highlight pictures (to view the highlighted picture full 
screen, press and hold the 
X button) and keeping the W (Q) 
button pressed, press 
1 or 3 to choose the number of 
prints. To deselect a picture, set the number of prints to zero.
• Select date: Print one copy of all the pictures taken on 
selected dates. Press 
1 or 3 to highlight dates and press 2 
to select or deselect. To view the pictures taken on the 
selected date, press 
W (Q). Use the multi selector to scroll 
through the pictures, or press and hold 
X to view the 
current picture full screen. Press 
W (Q) again to return to 
the date selection dialog.
• Print (DPOF): Print the current DPOF print order (
order can be viewed and modified before printing as 
described in the description for Print select, above.
• Index print: To create an index print of all JPEG pictures on the 
memory card, proceed to Step 3. Note that if the memory 
card contains more than 256 pictures, only the first 256 
images will be printed. A warning will be displayed if the 
page size selected in Step 3 is too small for an index print.